1. Ronnie Tokatlilar discovered her innate affinity for both design and business at a very early age.  Growing up in New York City, she challenged her entrepreneurial spirit by starting her first “business” at the tender age of nine.  Ronnie would artfully craft crepe paper flowers and sell them for a pretty profit on the streets of New York City.  She eventually got her start in the fashion industry at a trendy Manhattan t-shirt store in the early 1970’s, where she served as both a salesperson and buyer for the shop’s stylish tops as well as its jewelry merchandise.

  2. Soon after, Ronnie opened up her own boutique, Baccarat, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.  Baccarat became an instant success, catering to clients including Calvin Klein, Brooke Shields, and Max Azria.  Featuring an eclectic collection of clothing and jewelry, Baccarat was a well-known fashion destination, drawing fans that came to see Ronnie’s eye-catching window displays as well as fashionistas looking for the next big thing.  It was the first store to carry Patricia Field’s leggings, which set off the modern legging style that characterized the 70s and 80s. 


  1. Ronnie’s success with Baccarat was followed by a stint in the diamond district, where she developed a keen affinity for gemology and jewelry design.  She became GIA certified, and began working sales positions for diamond district vendors, selling pieces on consignment.  Eventually, Ronnie began utilizing her industry relationships to track down the most compelling gems and stones and began designing her own pieces.  Thus, Ronnie NYC Designs was born.

  2. Ronnie has been designing and hand making her own, one-of-a-kind pieces for over a decade.   She is particularly inspired by the art deco style.  She considers the gems themselves as well as what her clients have been drawn to when putting together her collections, which are so diverse that one might not even believe the same designer was responsible for them all.

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